Traditional costumes (22)

Matryoshka dolls gold and red "Khokhloma"


Nesting dolls green and red Princess


Nesting doll blue "Traditional costume"


Wooden Russian doll red "Traditional costume"


Matryoshka silver "Traditional costume"


Matryoshka blue and gold Russian fur coat


Nesting dolls silver Russian folk costume


Matryoshka doll blue and black dress


Nested dolls red and blue "Traditional costume"

Blending Matryoshka And Russian Traditional Costumes To Create Great Collection Items

Russians are popular with their traditional costumes like Sarafan and Kokoshnik. Those costumes symbolize the rich culture of the people living in this beautiful Eastern European country.

When the design of those costumes is used to combine with the design of Matryoshka, a collection item to come out is very culturally centered.

A Matryoshka nesting doll that conveys the traditional costume elements is highly valuable as a collection item.

If you are a collector, you don’t have to miss this opportunity to own an item that has an abundant Russian cultural context.

Firebird Workshop Russia is producing premium-quality and top-notch Matryoshka dolls with traditional costumes as an engraved design.

There are different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. You are on the right page right now if you are looking for an exquisite, elegant, and lovely collection item.

Matryoshka nesting dolls are a great choice for those who are valuing the importance of motherhood and fertility.

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