Russian Troika (12)

Traditional Russian doll golden "Troika"


Russian doll purple and gold Russian troika


Nesting dolls blue and silver troika


Russian nesting dolls gold "Russian troika"


Nesting dolls blue and gold "Russian Troika"


Traditional russian doll red "Russian Troika"


Nesting dolls colorful "Russian Troika"


Stack dolls red and blue "Russian Troika"


Russian doll in a doll white "Russian Troika"

Firebird Workshop: World-Class Provider Of Nesting Dolls With Russian Troika Designs

Matryoshka has been flourishing as a symbol of Russian arts and culture. So, buying a collection item that gives meaning to it is precious and valuable.
Firebird Workshop is a manufacturer and distributor of nested dolls with Russian Troika designs.
Troika is a traditional harness driving combination that uses horses to pull a sleigh. It's another element of Russian culture.
Combining the cultural aspects of Troika and Matryoshka to design a nesting doll is equivalent to having a great collection item.

Troika has a religious connotation as the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Firebird Workshop Russia is a certified manufacturer and seller of Russian Troika Matryoshka nesting dolls.
If you want a precious collection item, you can have one from the many choices available on this page.
There are different colors, sizes, and styles you can choose from. Great news! Firebird also accepts customized orders.

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