Nesting dolls (230)

Russian stacking dolls blue "Nativity"


Russian nesting dolls gold and brown Chaikovsky


Nesting doll black and white waves


Nesting doll Vintage Strawberry Shortcake


Nesting doll blue and pink with Jewelry box


Matryoshka doll blue, lilac and gold Ballet


Wooden Russian nesting dolls colorful Moscow


Custom nesting dolls by photo "Portrait" on the big matryoshkas...


Matryoshka silver, gold, and red "Empress"

Premium Quality Russian
Stackable Dolls

Buying a nesting doll in Russia is one of the best ways you can do
to make your loved ones happy. During special occasions, like
birthdays and parties, those well-designed and culturally inclined
Russian dolls can come in different sizes, color combination, and
design style. The general design is based on the idea of
Matryoshka which is a symbolic representation of a traditional
Russian woman. That is why giving a Russian Matryoshka doll as a
gift during special moments has a deep impact. It provides
cultural meaning to the recipient. Hence, it is great to buy a
stackable doll in Russia from a legitimate producer and supplier.

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