European fairy-tales (15)

Nesting dolls red, gold, and red "Nutcracker"


Nesting dolls red "Alice in Wonderland" fairy tale


Matryoshka red "Nutcracker" Russian doll


Nutcracker nesting doll red and gold matryoshka


Russian nesting doll blue "Alice in Wonderland"


Nesting dolls blue & gold "Alice in Wonderland"


Unique nesting dolls red and gold "Nutcracker"


Nesting dolls red and gold "Puss in boots"


Matryoshka Russian doll blue and red "Alice"

Russian Style Matryoshka Nested

A nesting doll is a symbol of Matryoshka which is associated with
the family culture in Russia. It also emphasizes women fertility and
portrays the significance of their reproductive function. Having a
fairytale-based nesting toy is part of the rich Russian culture.

Due to their cultural impact and value, the Russian stackable
dolls can be used as a great and memorable gift for kids and even
for teens.

Their cultural value depicts the handmade work and
craftsmanship of Firebird Workshop, one of the top-notch creators
and producers of Matryoshka collectible dolls. Their collection of
top-quality and culturally-designed wooden dolls can meet your
demand for unique toys.

They are symbolic and can be taken as collection items. Firebird
Workshop Russia can customize the nesting dolls according to
your preferences and choices, like if you want an Alice in
Wonderland doll. This is a wonderful opportunity to have the best
Nutcracker nesting doll.

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