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Nesting doll black and white waves


Nested dolls blue and red heart


Nesting doll Vintage Strawberry Shortcake


Nested dolls red and white hearts


Nesting dolls white and black clouds


Nested dolls red and gold dots


Kids nesting dolls blue flowers


Nesting dolls blue Narnia chronicles


Matryoshka black, gold and white geometry

The Best Wooden Toys For Kids Ever!

Firebird Workshop Russia is a certified company that produces and sells precious classic toys for kids.

The main design of the toys is about Matryoshka, a cultural representation of the traditional women in this beautiful country of Eastern Europe. There is a high significant value when you buy a toy designed with a Matryoshka nesting doll. It promotes respect for motherhood and woman fertility. Every society can thrive with women serving as one of the pillars. Men can’t reproduce offspring without women. Hence, valuing the societal functions and roles among women is really a must.
Therefore, buying Matryoshka-designed toys for kids is awesome and wonderful. It gives emphasis on the value of those women who have a great contribution in rearing and nurturing children.

Nesting dolls from Firebird’s collection for children are often bought and used to decorate a children's room or nursery. The purpose of buying kids nesting dolls is to help develop their motor skills. If you have baby nursery ideas, our products are fit.
Firebird Workshop does have a number of color combinations and themes in their Matryoshka-designed kids toys.
We can also customize your order according to your choice and preference.

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