Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
Russian painted box
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Russian painted box "Firebird"

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h=5,5cm (2,15 inches) d=11,5cm (4,5 inches)

This work of art created in St. Petersburg in the Firebird workshop from eco-friendly materials:
* first-class linden tree
* water-based tempera paints
* analogue of gold leaf called "potal"
* 3 layers of Finnish water-based lacquer

This lacquer box depicts a fairy tale "The Tale of The Firebird and Vasilisa-Tsarevna":
The young archer had a faithful horse, who was a good adviser and reliable friend to him. But the young man did not listen to his good advice, therefore he got into difficult situations: he had to get the Firebird, Vasilisa-Tsarevna for the king, and get a wedding dress for Vasilisa from the bottom of the sea. With the help of his faithful horse, the archer completed all the tasks. But the last requirement was to jump into a boiling cauldron. The faithful horse rescued a friend out of trouble. The archer went handsome man from the cauldron . Vasilisa fell in love with him. The king wanted to make a handsome man too, jumped into a cauldron and boiled inside it. Vasilisa and the archer were married and lived long and happy.

Lacquer box with a fairy tale design is a wonderful gift for a woman. It can serve as a lovely home decor item or jewellery box.
The lacquer box is handmade, so it may differ slightly from the photo.
If you wish more detailed photos or video of your order I can send it by e-mail or DM.
Feel free to ask me! :)

Become the owner of an original piece of art!

Yulia & Firebird family members

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