Nested dolls red and blue
Nested dolls red and blue
Nested dolls red and blue
Nested dolls red and blue
Nested dolls red and blue
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Nested dolls red and blue "Traditional costume"

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Miniature nesting doll

This is a unique Set of 10 pieces 2 inches tall nesting dolls!
They are probably the tiniest nesting dolls we've ever created!

This doll is the result of scrupulous handwork of 3 masters of arts and crafts.
An artist, an experienced woodcarver, and a varnish master apply their skills and experience to create one nesting doll.

A hand-painted nesting doll can become a stylish home decor item.
Decorate your interior with a unique handicraft item created with love.

It's a delightful gift idea for any holiday occasion for your loved one.
Surprise your loved one with an unusual gift!

This work of art created in St. Petersburg in the Firebird workshop from eco-friendly materials:
* first-class linden tree
* water-based tempera paints
* 3 layers of Finnish water-based lacquer. It allows not to spoil the product for years.

This item is handmade, so it may differ slightly from the photo.

Thank you for your interest in our work! I will be happy to answer any questions and send photos of your order in DM :)

Become the owner of an original piece of art!

Yulia & Firebird family members

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