Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
Custom nesting dolls by photo
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Custom nesting dolls by photo "Portrait" on the big matryoshkas with miniatures

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You can order Family portrait Matryoshka through this listing.

Just choose in variations number of dolls - family members you wish to paint on nesting dolls and send us your photos.

Family portrait maybe the most memorable Mother's and Father's Day gift.

And here is the story about this listing:

You know, every custom order is like the first one for us.
And this case was unique as well.

Our dear customer just messaged me that her grandson is preparing to play the Macduff's son character in the same name play by William Shakespeare, and she is thinking about giving him a nesting doll on the premiere as a gift.
She wanted to place her grandson's portrait on the Matreshka.
It was the only input data.

In our conversation, we came to the design you see on this listing.
Our painter made the beautiful sketch where the characters placed due to the order:

1. William Shakespeare
2. The boy's character with real boy portrait
3. The Macduff character - the worrier and father
4. Lady Macduff - loving mother
5. The sword

We caught pictures from the internet to find the right characters for this nesting doll together with our lovely customer. We were like a team together working on our project.

It's important to note that our artist was creative and showed the boy in the worrier costume like his father was. Our customer loved that, and she just asked us to make the boy's sword look like a wooden toy. And we made it.

We painted 7" (18 cm) 5 pieces Nesting doll.

During the painting, we discussed the backsides details. So we agreed to put a composition with inkwell, pen, a sheet of paper and a play's quote on the back of the Shakespeare doll.
And we put the shield on the other four dolls.

And no doubt we added inscription on the biggest Matryoshka for the future owner.

We put all our attention, love and care in each custom order. We do our best to make our customers happy with their projects.
We help them with ideas, and we take care of each case as about a new baby.
Why? Because we love to do what we do.

Well, probably it's not a regular listing description.
It's a story of our everyday life more.

If you think about making an unusual gift for any occasion, you can think about custom nesting doll project.
Don't hesitate to DM us with even a half idea. We have a lot of imagination to create probably the most rememberable gift in your life.

Thank you for being with us!

Yulia & Firebird family members

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Are you looking for something special? A hand-made product having no analogues?

This work of art created from eco-friendly materials:

* first-class linden tree

* water-based tempera paints

* analogue of gold leaf called "potal"

* 3 layers of Finnish water-based lacquer.

All items are hand-made so that it may differ slightly from the photo. If you wish more detailed photos or video of your order I can send it by e-mail or in DM.

Feel free to ask me! :)

Become the owner of a delightful piece of art created with love!

Yulia & Firebird family members