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Roly poly toy white and blue bear


Nesting doll black and white waves


Nested dolls blue and red heart


Animals nesting dolls brown bear


Nesting doll Vintage Strawberry Shortcake


Nesting dolls white and black clouds


Nested dolls red and white hearts


Roly-Poly doll Penguin wooden musical toy


Nested dolls red and gold dots

Firebird Workshop Russia:
Provider Of Best Wooden Toys

Did you know that children’s wooden toys have benefits for your kids?
Buying handmade wooden toys for your kids is beneficial. This is the main reason why Firebird Workshop exists.
They are driven by passion and commitment to design and produce world-class collection items for children.
Our toys that are designed with nesting dolls are a great choice for your kids.

Collection items for children are not necessarily expensive. They must possess cultural significance and value.
This is the most important characteristic that the wooden toys for kids should therefore meet.
The designed classic wooden toys by Firebird Russia is based on Matryoshka culture wherein women are given utmost significance and value.
Women have been considered as one of the strong pillars in nation-building due to their fertile and reproductive roles.
No society can ever be built strongly without motherhood-related functions among women.

Why do you have to choose Firebird Workshop’s Matryoshka-designed toys?

They’re affordable yet the quality is never compromised. The design of all products is handmade; therefore, there is a real assurance of top-notch and premium work quality.
The orders can be customized according to your preferred colours, size and minimalist style.
The thematic value can suit the needs of the buyers. For sure, all necessities of your children can be accommodated and satisfied.

Buy Firebird Russia’s wooden toys in Matryoshka design today!