Faberge (4)

Russian nesting eggs multicolored "Faberge"


Wooden eggs multicolored "Faberge"


Set of 3 Faberge easter eggs


Wooden easter eggs multicolored "Faberge"

Faberge Nesting Dolls: One Of
The Best Collection Items

Nesting dolls are popular in Russia as they represent
the culture of Matryoshka. Matryoshka is a cultural
symbol in this Eastern European country. It
historically symbolizes the traditional life of the
Russian people. If you’re not living in this beautiful
country, you have the option to buy a nesting doll in
Faberge style and design. The designs are wooden
nesting eggs which resemble the precious jeweled egg,
also known as Faberge egg.

Firebird Workshop is selling Faberge nested eggs as a
replica of the Russian jeweled eggs. These are suitable
as part of your collection items. There are many color
schemes and design patterns you can choose from this
page. For sure, you will be able to possess one-of-a-
kind collection items that resonate with honor, pride,
and passion. Firebird Wordshop is a certified
manufacturer, producer and seller of Faberge nested
dolls in Russia.

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