History of Russian Dolls: Essence of Babushka

by Firebird Workshop on July 20, 2020

Even if you’re not from Russia, you can still have the chance to experience the so-called Russian culture through buying a nesting doll. This doll has a deep cultural implication. That is why understanding the history of Matryoshka dolls is important. Those collectors of great items are fit to possess this souvenir item which is also suitable as a home decor.

Russian dolls have a cultural symbol. They are of great value. When you use them as a decorative item, they can provide satisfaction. At the same time, if your purpose is to use them as a gift to your loved ones during special occasions, for sure, they can fulfill and satisfy the recipient’s need for a worthy present. Furthermore, if you’re a collector of meaningful items, those nested dolls are a great choice.

But then, it’s vital for you to know why you need to buy the Russian nesting dolls. Let’s now dissect some points about how this product got started a long time ago.


How did Russian dolls start to become popular? 

Primarily, others have claimed that the first set of Russian stacking dolls were based on Japanese traditional dolls. However, there is a strong contention that back then, there were experts who used polished wood to produce replicas of Easter eggs in Russia. And accordingly, this was the beginning of the creation of the first nesting doll. Considering the timeline, it’s said that the first Matryoshka doll was produced in Moscow way back in the 1890s. The very first nested doll was designed and handmade by Vasily Zvyozdochkin. Another name came out, Sergey Malyutin was considered as the first one who painted the very first nesting doll.

The idea of the first set of Matryoshka dolls is about 8 dolls in different sizes. The small ones are placed inside the bigger ones. This concept makes this souvenir item as a unique one. By buying Russian dolls and using them as a souvenir item or even a home decorative product, you should somehow understand that they value the essence and significance of a family. The role of the mother towards her children is the cultural representation of this doll. So, buying those dolls and making them as part of your collections is a great thing to do. It gives value to the importance of a mother-children relationship. 

Ideally, Matryoshka Russian dolls are fit for teenage girls or those little girls. However, as time continues to go by, buying Matryoshka dolls has become a general culture for collectors and for those who are knowledgeable about the importance of Matryoshka culture in this Eastern country of Europe. Then, not only to be used as a birthday present, this doll can also serve as a gift during other special family and social occasions. In fact, there are Christmas dolls whose designs are based on the culture of Matryoshka. 


Making Matryoshka dolls is not an easy task

Question: Why is a nested doll valuable? One of the greatest reasons to consider is the tediousness and intricacy of its production. It’s not that easy to create a nested doll. It takes time, effort, and creativity. The craftsmanship of Russian dolls manufacturers, like Firebird Workshop, is high in terms of innovativeness and artistry. The choice of wood is crucial. Firebird actually chooses a Linden tree because of its suitability to create a durable and artistic doll in Matryoshka style. 

Shaping the smallest doll is the starting point. The idea is this: A manufacturer can start from the innermost doll going to the outermost one. Making the innermost or the smallest doll among the dolls in a set is the most difficult one. It takes time but the craftsmanship and handmade skill set of the manufacturers are tested and reliable. Firebird actually can even customize the dolls based on the chosen theme and style of the customers. You should know this fact about this opportunity to place a customized order. 

After crafting the shapes of the dolls on the wood, the next thing to accomplish is painting the final product. It’s another challenging task but expert manufacturers do have the best ways on how to completely polish the paint. The first step should start by painting the face of the doll. Then, it takes the step down to the scarf design. So, if you want to have the dolls painted in a world-class way, you can ask the manufacturer if their painters are graduates of arts and designs. In the case of Firebird, the assurance is that the painters are graduates from the known arts schools in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Essence of Babushka

Aside from Matryoshka dolls, a Babushka doll is another cultural piece which you can buy for the purpose of collecting a culturally-precious item or of giving it to your loved ones. Babushka in Russia means a grandmother. So, basically, it has a direct connection to the functions among women in this beautiful country. Sometimes, the dolls you can buy from here are named as Babushka dolls. They signify the important roles of women in establishing a strong society. Without grandmothers, there are definitely no mothers. And when there are no mothers, a society can’t thrive nor progress. Fertility among women is a vital aspect in forming a great community.

Babushka dolls are a cultural representation of old ladies whose significant characteristics in relation to nurturing and rearing children are of great value. They are part of every nation-state. They should be recognized as one of the main contributors and pillars of societal success. As well, having a Babushka doll is recognizing this general culture where during summertime, children can go to their grandmother’s house to spend time with them. It’s a memorable time when kids can spend joyfully with their grandmothers. A very memorable piece of human culture, so to speak.

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